BCP/DR, Remote Backup and Recovery

BCP/DR, Remote Backup and Recovery

Remote Backup and Recovery

Can your business survive without a working Business Continuity (BCP) or Disaster Recovery (D/R) plan?

Are your UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows systems administrators prepared to respond to a declared disaster or disaster event?

Natural or man-made disasters do occur, often without prior warning and resulting in lost revenue, property destruction and missed business opportunities.  Our experience in Systems Deployment and Implementation of large compute infrastructures and managing Small Business Networks can be used to get your business back on its feet, quickly and efficiently.  Don't have enough people resources to react?  Use us to supplement your workforce with qualified Consulting Services and Project Management.

Having a Remote Backup and Recovery strategy as a part of your Business Continuity (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (D/R) plan increases the chances of surviving and recovering your mission critical services and your business's most valuable asset - Information.

Add to the recovery complexity regulatory compliance configurations mandates from HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and business's quickly realize they need help to determine how best to survive a disastrous event.

FR Technologies offers Remote Backup and Recovery, Technical Consulting Services and Data Security / Compliance Configuration administration services to enable your business's recovery strategies.

Contact us to find out more about our remote backup and recovery, business continuity planning and regulatory compliance configuration services.


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