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With our experience we bring to your organization the professional and technical consulting disciplines necessary to assist you meeting your business objectives by providing:


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Technical Writing

Our systems management methodology is rooted in the fundamentals that no job is complete until the paper work gets done.  When we are engaged in deployment and implementation services we provide a full set of documentation covering topics such as:

  • Systems access controls applied during the engagement
  • User account management (new hire, terminations, acceptable use policies, business application accounts and middle-ware accounts)
  • Change management to keep in-line with compliance regulations
  • Systems and application sustained maintenance to keep in-line with compliance regulations
  • Configuration guidelines for separation of roles and responsibilities for users, business application accounts and deployed middle-ware technologies
  • Operations platform run books
  • Production support platform administration and troubleshooting guides

If your organization is void of a technical writing group, we can augment the service by providing technical writing resources to assist in the completion and publication of documentation requirements


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Technical Project Management

Technical project management services can be provided to your business when access to technical project managers are limited.  When engaged in technical project management services we produce project plans that provide the outline structure for task and processes management.

We employ planning processes to track deliverables, resources, issues and risks.  These events are logged and managed using various tools and methodologies to communicate to project team members and key stakeholders.  It is through our communication and documentation of project status where partnerships are developed critical to the projects success.

Project plans, project scope documents, project charters and business cases are developed to ensure proper documentation of project deliverables and funding are clearly defined.  These tools are utilized to manage through project scope change control to keep the project on track, on time and on budget.


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System Deployment and Implementation

Your company faces many challenges in the management of business and the deployment of new computer systems to meet those demands shouldn't be one of those challenges.  Information Technology departments are demand driven by:

  • Aggressive commitments - time to market of new products and services
  • Regulatory compliance configuration and management mandates
  • Technology choices - many options, time to delivery, 80% value proposition
  • Large project portfolio - staffing constraints on technical resources
  • Project funding and budgetary constraints - do more with less

Your business needs to keep moving forward.  Your Information Technology teams need to deliver the solutions to support the business initiatives.  Both of these objectives are of primary concern to us.  Our experience in the deployment and implementation of large scale computer infrastructures can be leveraged in accelerating the delivery schedules for new systems.  We have deployed hundreds of systems within the shipping, telecommunications, health services and financial services areas.  Our project management and systems deployment capabilities can assist you in the timely delivery of fully documented and production ready services.


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Internet Web Access

If your company does not have an Internet presence and you are considering the Internet as a tool to increase the growth of your company, we can help you with:

  • Understanding and defining what you are looking to gain from the Internet
  • Work with you to outline your marketing and communications strategy
  • Determine if you should provide the services in-house
    • Implement a DMZ to protect your internal services from Internet intrusion
    • Assist in the evaluation and selection of Internet traffic load balancers, proxy server and firewall technologies
    • Implement the server farm infrastructure to support your Internet facing services
  • Or, act as your agent to consult Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to evaluate and help in the selection of the right ISP to match your hosting and/or telecommunications needs
  • Document the solution for operations and systems administrations support

Our experience in the configuration and deployment methodologies used in the introduction of Internet web access services begins with outlining the configuration parameters for each service; validation of configuration suggestions against industry best practices and presented to security officers for review and acceptance.  These steps are necessary in the safeguarding of your intellectual property and to provide isolation from the Internet to you internal networks.


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Small Business Networks

If you run a small business with greater than five networked computer systems and printers, we can help you.  We support many small business networks.  Our customer base diversity ranges from home PC users, to international shipping companies, to certified public accountants and dentists.  Our services can assist your business in many areas, a few of which are:

  • Local Area Networking
  • Deployment and administration of Microsoft Windows domains
  • Business Continuity Planning with augmented Disaster Recovery Services
    • Business Recovery Testing and Certification
    • Business Process Documentation
  • Desktop Support and Break/Fix services
  • Remote Backup and Recovery
  • Virus Remediation and Protection
  • Firewall Installation, Configuration and Data Security Administration
  • Internet inbound/outbound Installation and Configuration

You don't have the time to conduct these services yourself and the costs associated with internal IT staffs make these service necessities cost-prohibitive.  We understand these business issues and offer you a variety of service offerings to meet your technical support requirements and improve upon your systems management capabilities.


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Business Continuity Planning

Is your business ready to withstand:

  • Fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters?
  • Hard disk crashes to servers and desktop PCs?
  • Internet hackers, viruses, worms and mal-ware?
  • Internal exploitation of intellectual property?

These are but a few of the issues your business will need to define strategies on how to recover from them, should they arise.  Is your business prepared?  If not, we can help you.  We begin the process of Business Continuity Planning with a comprehensive review of your business and business processes.  We look at your business objectively to determine:

  • How technology is deployed in your business
  • How your business uses technology and the goals expected to achieve with the use of technology
  • We document an approach and work with you to validate the assumptions of the plan
  • We work with your teams to determine budget, time constraints and assistance necessary to implement the plan
  • We work with your teams to test and validate the configuration necessary to meet the business's service Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective

Our business continuity services are in line with SOX, GLBA and HIPAA compliance requirements.  These services are provided under the Remote Backup and Recovery services of our solution offerings.  Remote Backup and Recovery services can be provided ala carte, or as a bundled solution.


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Support in Microsoft Windows Domains

We are versed in the deployment and implementation of Microsoft Windows Domains, WINS, DNS and Active Directory services.  We have experience in the deployment of:

  • Domain controllers, backup domain controllers
  • Active directory services
  • Data security and access controls with Global Policy Objects (GPO)
  • Global Policy Objects
  • File and print servers
  • Bastion host configurations
  • Windows NT, 2000 and 2003 Small Business Servers
  • Windows NT, 2000, XP Home and XP Professional desktops
  • Windows interoperability with UNIX and Linux


Desktop Support

Our management philosophy for desktop technologies is predicated on the basis that the desktop environment is the most used business tool in your organization.  The desktop performance is the single unit of measure for user satisfaction when asked to describe their experience.

We provide the following services for desktop technologies:

  • Hardware/Software break/fix
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Patch management for operating system, middle-ware and proprietary applications
  • Virus, worms, spyware and mal-ware protection
  • Desktop usage compliance documentation and configuration
    • Based on your organizations guidelines on usage of corporate resources
    • Based on your organizations guidelines on management of corporate data
  • Backup and recovery where applicable


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Virus Remediation

The Internet is a major source of general information, entertainment and for major computer enthusiast it provides the greatest single source of technology information.  As rich in information the Internet has, it also scared with a dark side.

Weaknesses in operating systems and middle-ware applications designed to enhance the user experience are subjected to exploitation of their security controls.  Viruses, worms, hacker tools, ad-ware, spy-ware and mal-ware threats are all over cyber space wreaking havoc on unsuspecting systems.

We deploy the standard anti virus services from Symantec and McAfee and we also employ some of the best shareware and proprietary vendor provided tools available:

There are many more tools that can be highlighted.  The tools identified here are compliments to their commercially available counterparts and can save your system from most vulnerabilities.  The remainder of the work is regular maintenance to keep your computer up to date with vendor provided patches, hot fixes and security vulnerability fixes.


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